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The Practice

Lifeline Chiropractic is a provider of comprehensive and GENTLE health care designed to correct the underlying cause or causes of health problems, not to simply cover up the pain.​

Treating the cause of simple health problem such as neck pain, abdominal bloating or headaches is not really simple. That is why most doctors do not attempt to treat the cause of many common health problems, but simply cover up symptoms with medication. However, with a thoughtful, holistic  approach, the cause of health problem can often be determined from knowing a patient's history and performing appropriate examinations and tests.​ 

Healthy longevity is another area of focus at  Lifeline.  It requires paying attention to a wide range of factors that we as individuals can control with how we live our life.  Optimal hydration, posture, rest, body and thought awareness are several of the issues that we address to help individuals reach optimum health and healthy longevity.


Dr. Penniston uses knowledge and techniques from chiropractic, medicine, applied kinesiology, nutrition, physical therapy, cranial sacral therapy, and other sources including thirty-seven years of experience to treat a wide range of health conditions. Of course Dr. Penniston cannot effectively treat every problem. If he feels that he cannot best serve your needs, he will do his best to refer you to someone who can.​


Our patients tell us that they notice a big difference in the way Dr. Penniston approaches their health conditions when compared to  most  other physicians, traditional or alternative. We hear time and time again that this is a different experience from what they envisioned as chiropractic treatment.

Dr. Gregory K. Penniston
Sherman College of  Chiropractic 

Dr. Penniston grew up in the Kansas City area until the age of 18.   He was active in sports and was captain of his high school wrestling team, enjoying a winning 25 and 1 record his senior year.  He attended Sherman College of Chiropractic and was a member of the rugby team.  He graduated from Sherman magna  cum laude in 1980​.

Dr. Penniston started practice in 1982 and opened Lifeline Chiropractic in 1983.  He has four grown children and is married to Aniceta Penniston.  He continues to be active in many outdoor activities, usually with his wife and is an avid cyclist, hiker, trail runner and snowboarder​.

The primary focus of his life has been improving and maintaining health and fitness in his family and patients using natural methods.

Our Team

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