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What is Applied Kinesiology, AK?

Muscles and joint function go together like a hand and glove.  If a joint problem exists, then it is most likely that one or more muscles in the body will decrease in its function.  This change can be detected with the proper muscle test if one knows where to look.  The ability to isolate and test individual muscles and the knowledge of what is required to restore ideal muscle function is called Applied Kinesiology or AK. 


Understanding why a joint is having pain can be difficult.  The standard tests of finding tightness, looking for tenderness, checking range of motion are often inconclusive.  Muscle testing however, almost always can give additional important clues as to the underlying nature of the problem.  This often leads to a faster and more complete resolution.


As Applied Kinesiology has progressed over the years it has been found that specific muscles can weaken somewhat with organ malfunction. Ideal muscle function would return once the organ stress was resolved, usually with a dietary change, increased hydration, nutritional supplement, etc.  The AK testing is especially helpful for several conditions that I treat daily in my practice: digestive problems, fatigue and PMS.

AK muscle testing is not strength testing, so how much you work out will not affect the results.  When a muscle tests like it is weak, it is actually inhibited.  Inhibited means that there is something preventing the nervous system from allowing the muscle to contract properly.  For example a common weakness with low back pain is the gluteus max, AKA the butt muscle.  When this muscle tests weak it is almost always because the ligaments that hold the sacrum and hips together are injured or strained.  The gluteus muscle will not test strong until these ligaments are healed.  Without this test it is sometimes difficult to know the condition of the S/I ligaments because they are not always tender.  Getting these ligaments to heal often requires specific adjustments, exercises and improved body posture.

AK testing is painless, and gives immediate feed back to both the doctor and the patient providing useful information on every visit.   

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